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Vimarsh Podcast

“Samvaad: Talk Series on Careers in International Law”

International Law is broad and diverse. Its nuances are fairly hard to understand due to its diversity which makes it hard to understand the possibilities one can explore in order to make a career in international law.  

This lecture on careers in International Law was held on 28th Feb, 2021 with Dr. Kabir Duggal as the speaker. Dr. Duggal is an attorney in Arnold and Porter’s New York office focusing on international investment arbitration, international commercial arbitration and public international law matters, serving both as counsel and arbitrator. His experience includes complex disputes under numerous bilateral/multilateral investment treaties and contracts all around the globe along with his triple training in international law, common law, and civil law traditions. The total value of the disputes he has been involved in exceeds 80 billion dollars. He has facilitated the mediation and negotiation of complex disputes. He also acts as a Consultant for the United Nations Office of the High Representative for Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States (UN-OHRLLS) on the creation of a novel “Investment Support Program” (which was shortlisted by Global Arbitration Review for the category of “Best Developments” for 2018).

Our learned speaker discussed about the career options in Public International Law and Private International law; further illustrating over the complexities and scope of both. He discussed about the public/private divide and how it affects an individual who is looking forward to make a career in international law. This session was highly insightful for students and professionals who aspire to make a career in international law.