Rajaswala Talks

We successfully organized interactive sessions under the name “Rajaswala Talks” in which the speakers focused on menstrual problems, mental health, and menstrual waste disposal and provided important information regarding these to all attendees.

The menstrual cycle affecting the mental state of a person is a common phenomenon that is widely experienced which is caused due to the change in hormone levels during the menstrual cycle. Bad mental health can cause menstruation-related problems and can also aggravate the hormonal changes that change the mental state of a person during menstrual cycles. Topics such as Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) were also discussed to create awareness about the menstrual cycle and mental health. It is imperative to acknowledge the changes that happen during a menstrual cycle, whether physical or mental.

Mental health is also a topic which needs awareness and discussion. Its connection with the menstrual cycle lowers the likelihood of discussion about it and the practice of considering the menstrual cycle a taboo is a major factor that has led to widespread ignorance of mental health issues that occur during menstruation. 

Under this project we successfully organized various talks first with A webinar on “Menstrual Cycle and Mental Health was also organized in October 2020 with Mrs Ruchi Bisht as the speaker, she is a counsellor and mental health activist who shed light on the importance of mental health and how it can be closely connected to the menstrual cycle. Secondly, with Dr Mouli Nandi (Senior Resident Lady, Dufferin Hospital, Kolkata) on 7th Feb 2021 and thirdly with Adv. Sharda Sharma (Advocate High Court, former Deputy Secretary in Ministry of External Affairs and UPSC) on 20th Feb 2021 and lastly with Professor Dr Ritu Gupta (Professor of Law, NLU Delhi and Director of Centre for Banking and Financial Laws) on 1st March 2021 to spread more information.