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National Policy Drafting Competition

The National Policy Drafting Competition was organized in Jan, 2021 with the motive of providing encouragement to people who take interest in policy making and giving them a platform, which can help them in understanding the nuances of policy making, evaluating their work and enhancing their skills. This event which was organized by THINK India and National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) Mumbai, was supported by AFPR. We actively played a role in assisting the competition through our expertise in academia that made this event a success.

The competition was surrounded by the idea that government policies play a pivotal role in determining how a nation will grow in the coming years and is also an important part of elections. Policy drafting is an inseparable part of government functioning. It lays down the framework for the ground level authorities to function and can vary from being centred around upliftment of the underprivileged sections of the society to the further development of infrastructure and technology.  

It is important for the general public to understand policies and for the youth to have an idea about the nuances of policy making. As an institute that works extensively around policy researching and coming up with ways of improving the current policies, we believe in working towards encouraging the youth to be a part of the process of policy making as the future of policy drafting.

Events such as the National Policy Drafting Competition help us in laying the groundwork for our ambitions and we aim at further promoting policy making and being an integral part of such events in the future as well.