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Cloth Distribution Drive

As winter reaches its peak, surviving through the cold becomes a challenge, particularly for the underprivileged sections of the society. Where one section of the society has an excess of resources the other struggles for acquiring the bare minimum. There are many clothes which are thrown away despite being in a wearable condition. We believe that instead of throwing such clothes away unnecessarily they can be directed towards the people who are in need of warm clothes and cannot afford them. 

We organized the Cloth Distribution Drive on 5th and 6th December, 2020. The aim of this initiative was to provide warm clothes to the people living across the slums of Lucknow. We encouraged people to donate warm clothes instead of throwing them away and helping them aid others through the harsh winter. Volunteers and doners were given shoutouts on our social media platforms so as to encourage participation and make sure that we can provide warm clothes to as many people as possible.

Team AFPR, Team Thapki, and Team HOT reached out to more than 260 individuals across Lucknow and provided them with warm clothes. Our teams engaged in conversation with the people to understand other problems that they face during winters. We also shared ways of dealing with the cold weather and information about the authorities that can help them in getting resources for free or at a lower cost.

We look forward to helping the underprivileged sections of the society and reducing the socioeconomic disparity among the masses through these initiatives that act as a bridge for the privilege sections of the society to connect with their counter opposite and help them to the best of their abilities.